01/15/05 -- 50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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So you wanna meet the woman behind the cape? Here are 50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me...

1. I sleep on my stomach…and usually don’t wear all that much, if anything at all. Too much info? Sorry. Oh, and I tend to hog the sheets. Ask anyone. Wait…that didn’t sound right…oh well. @_o

2. I hate peas, but love pea soup.

3. I’m not a big fan of tomatoes, but I love ketchup…and put it on everything. Meatloaf, tortilla chips, scrambled eggs…you name it.

4. I don’t like cooked onions, but love onion rings and will even eat onion soup if I don’t have to pay for it. LOL

5. My favorite colors are black and blue. Go figure.

6. I live with 4 cats and a dog…oh, and 2 parents. But they are never home, so I basically live alone. :)

7. I went to private catholic schools for K-8th grades. I pulled the plug once it was time to go to high school.

8. I love to punctuate with commas.

9. If I ever met Peter Steele, I think I would probably jump him and force him to father my (future) children. Really.

10. I have a major crush on Ian Nottingham.

11. I think I may quite possibly be lactose intolerant…though I worship chocolate and dairy.

12 I have been a Portuguese Queen twice. What? You don’t know what that is? I pity ‘da fool!

13. I love the ocean and visit it a lot. Perhaps it is b/c “my people” are island folk, I don’t know. I once sleptwalked…well, sleptdrove actually, to the beach. A half of an hour away. I woke up on the sand the next morning, fully dressed. How’sthat for obsession? I should have been born a mermaid.

14. I used to fantasize that I was married to Joey from New Kids on the Block. >_<

15. I watched Pitch Black 5 times when it first came out.

16. I love thunderstorms.

17. My mom was the only one, in she & my dad’s entire families, to be born in the USA. All the rest were born in the Azores (Portuguese Islands). My dad still has his accent, though I never notice it.

18. I have 17 aunts/uncles, all who are about 3 x richer than I will ever hope to be. My parents, my brother, & I are like the poor relations. I also have about 500 million cousins…most of which make up the entire population of San Jose, CA. Oh wait, I exaggerated. I only have about 499 million cousins.

19. I had infant botulism and almost died when I was a baby. Story is that the priest was brought in and everything.

20. I’ve almost died 4 times in my life…at least that I know of…my guardian angel needs a raise.

21. I love Native American (*ok, and Portuguese*) men. You should SEE my movie collection!

22. I collected pogs.

23. I used to collect rocks. Yes…rocks. I even had one of those rock polisher/tumbler things. Still do, somewhere.

24. My bedroom burned down 2 years ago and I pretty much lost everything, but was able to buy my mustang with the insurance money from my comic books.

25. I have lost 40 lbs since last summer. No stupid fad diets…just taking better care of myself. At least I still have my boobs! 0_o

26. I believe in ghosts, mermaids, fairies, angels, werewolves, the loch ness monster, aliens, and vampires. And good men, who really must be out there somewhere. I do not believe in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy, sorry.

27. My house is haunted.

28. I am a virgin, though it is getting harder to stay that way. And no, I am not waiting for marriage…just the right guy. If you think you’re him, feel free to send all qualifications and apply within. =)

29. I love churches.

30. I love old cemeteries.

31. I love castles.

32. I secretly listen to Ace of Base. Especially “All That She Wants”. That song is rad. Heh.

33. I have a shitload of records, mostly big band and classical.

34. I listen to Garth Brooks…well, mainly his old stuff.

35. I can’t stand Gwen Stefani. (Sorry Nancy & Heather)

36. I had a one-night stand with someone…and loved every minute of it. (And yes, I believe that it IS possible to do so without having sex. Don’t be so damn American!)

37. I like eating celery & peanut butter. Together.

38. I love bubble baths, and take one most nights. And being a thorough hedonist, I even make my own bath salts and have one of those girly pink bath towels w/ velcro.

39. I often talk to myself before I go to sleep.

40. I can’t stand girls who are empty-headed. Or easy. Or ones who change themselves for their boyfriends. They all piss me off.

41. I actually participated in student activities in high school…was even a card carrying titled member of a bunch of clubs. Scary, huh?

42. I can read in French & Italian, and am semi-bilingual in Spanish & Portuguese. At the height of my anime phase, I used to know some Japanese…but have forgotten most of it. I can’t learn Gaelic, no matter how hard I try…which completely sucks b/c it is such a gorgeous language.

43. When my books hit the shelves, I will be between Poul Anderson and Isaac Asimov. At least @ Barnes & Noble. How’s that for free advertising? I am a bloody marketing GENIUS.

44. I am a hopeless romantic and believe that I have a soulmate. I can’t help it.

45. I miss hockey. Dreadfully.

46. I cannot stand slurping.

47. I like to play Pictionary. And Uno, even though Spiderboy usually whoops my ass at both. Or at least tries to.

48. I don’t drink beer.

49. I voted for Kerry…for all the good it did me.

50. Because of Nate, I had When In Rome’s song “I Promise” from Napoleon Dynamite stuck in my head and had to download it yesterday just to kill the addiction. That cheeky bastard.