09/11/01 * NYC Attack

I cannot BELIEVE what has happened to the country. What kind of sick bastards DO this kind of thing? 10,000 casulties at the World Trade Center ALONE? LA & San Francisco were supposed to have been hit simultaneously as well but the airplanes were diverted. Washington DC & New York attacked. I see all of these people hurt & crying in America and then I see film footage that has people partying in the streets after they heard about the attacks in the USA. What kind of people LAUGH and wave flags at something that horrible? Thousands of kids gripping their parents hands as their planes go down, fire, smoke and debris EVERYWHERE. Millions of people frantically calling loved ones on their cell phones to see if they are OK....and some parents are telling their children this is cause for celebration.

Please just be thankful for being alive and able to hug someone. And be kind to others who were victims of all of this madness...including Muslims within our country that are unfairly the targets of bigotry and ignorance.

And to all of you impotent assholes (terrorist or otherwise) involved in this attack?

May you have nightmares in this life and the next for what you have done.

Sweet dreams.

So that's my rant. Have an opinion? Email me.

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