"I call upon the strengths

and wisdom that lie within,

gifts of the Mother to her Daughter,

to lead me toward a greater understanding.

I know these powers to be existent,

waiting patiently for my acceptance,

for my readiness to free them from

their stale social prisons.

I seek to see the beauty of the moment and

to appreciate and accept myself as I

was meant to be.

Guide my decisions to reflect the right action

required for growth and learning.

Give me patience to know when to be still

and wait for the answers and look for them.

Help me not to forget how to play,

to always return the gift of laughter,

especially at myself,

and may my sense of humor

always be greater than my sense of sorrow.

Keep within me a joy for nature as I strive

not to harm the Earth and all her children.

Open my heart to not judge or condemn,

and open my heart to change myself when necessary.

May the things I learn today lead me

forward in my quest for knowledge and understanding,

as well as peace within tomorrow."

--* -Meg Whittenmyer *-- (Sagewoman Winter 1993)

I often use this as a daily morning chant. It is beautiful in its simplicity and always makes me feel at ease when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. =P>



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