Well, my life is a jumble. I am addicted to comic books, wwe wrestling, japanese anime, hindi bollywood, 80s cartoons, folklore & mythology (vampyres, fairfolk, werewolves, darkangels, etc), art, music, writing, eBay auctions, reading, astronomy, etc. Basically, from my religion (Wicca) to my Major (European History) & Minor (Art History), I have great passions and hobbies that breathe beauty into my life and keep boredom at bay. I am ecclectic, and I would not have myself any other way. :)~

This version (2.0) of the site is modeled after the phoenix, the mythological bird that rises out of the fire of its own ashes. It is a study in strength and immortality; a creature that never surrenders or truly dies, enduring life long after others think it defeated...

My bedroom burned down last fall. I lost just about everything that had been with me since birth. So, like the phoenix, I rose out of the ashes and moved on by gritting my teeth. I guess I am a walking example of Nietzche's quote: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I try...it's all anyone CAN do, really.

The name COMICFAIRY is one that I created long ago. It represents my love for all things FairFolk (fairy, faerie, faery, fae), as well as my love for comic books. Thus, my logo is a fairy with a comic book! Simple, no? Makes perfect sense - in my head at least. =p

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