1/13/03 -- Kenny Bosworth R.I.P.

Let me just start off by saying that it can ALWAYS get worse.

On New Years Day, Kenny Bosworth died...he died on impact and no one really knows why. He was a good friend of mine (I even had a crush on him for a little bit), up until about a year ago when fellow friends began arguing and drama began. He was my brother's roomate up until midsummer, a fellow partygoer...and now he is gone.

It's so sad here right now. And scary too.

Kenny had a very troubled life - he legally emacipated himself from his parents when he was 14 and had been on his own ever since. I guess it all comes full circle, then. Someone's life ends tragically, gritty and true though it was. At least he is at peace....for now, anyway. He was always anything BUT peaceful. *Hopefully* he'll have it better the next time around. +_x

As freakish as my relationship with Kenny was, death is death and it is final and it touches everyone who is connected to it. It shuts you up & makes you realize that it can ALWAYS get worse. My brother calls death the final equalizer and I completely agree with him.

Well, I suppose that is all that I can say right now. That's all I really want to say, I guess. I have accepted it and tried to leave it all alone...who can say what will happen to us? There is no use in hating life and letting a part of yourself die as well, no matter what trajedy has occured to you. I lost my bedroom & everything inside it to a fire only 3 months ago and I am trying to face forward. Shit happens, and you just have to keep on truckin' or else you let yourself get lost & fall behind. You have to find your breadcrumbs, the things that keep you going.

That's my two cents, anyway. Take what you want from it.

So that's my rant. Have an opinion? Email me.

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