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My buddy Lua/Luna on Samhain. That's my hair & hand. LOL My favorite picture of Kaiki! Lookit those cute eyes...awwhh. ^_^ My beloved darling Romeo. He has a heart-shaped red tag that says WHERE FOR ART THOU, ROMEO? in case he gets catnapped. Heh. My buddy Jonelle & I dressed Luna up in my old cabbage patch school uniform, which was patterned from my own uniform. Ah, the good old days... Yet another dress-up day! This is Kaiki on Samhain. Just a random collage of Lua (portuguese for MOON) Kaiki and Luna/Lua. Don't they look happy? =)
Kaiki...check out those eyes! Patches passed away a few years ago & I wanted to memorialize him here on the website. RIP, sweetie. >_< Kaiki/2003. And here I thought dogs & hydrants were cliche... Whiskers was gone for 2 YEARS (we had a VERY bad neighbor) and came back to us, believe it or not. I found him using a little earth magic & a LOT of hope. =) Pic of Luna, taken Spring 04. Isn't she photogenetic? =)

My buddy Beth Stone. We met eachother in highschool, then she moved to Humboldt State. She just graduated from PLU and is living in Portland. By FAR, one of the sweetest people I have met. Kristine knows I like fairies, so she posed as one for me on her 21st birthday. Isn't she thoughtful? =D My brother's girlfriend, Christy Lam. This was a shot taken at a TruValue Hardware Store. Love it! Jonelle & Kristine, taken before a Halloween showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Don't THEY look high on something... John, Katie, Anthony & Rayna. I think Anthony was the only one who didn't look pissed that I took this shot! LOL Kristine's 1st birthday. She had this super cool Galaxian (ATARI) game in her kitchen, which I CONQUERED repeatedly. I wanted her to look like a combination of Olive Oyl & a mad scientist. =D I love this pic!! Thierry Nguygen (known as SCOOTER to gaming geeks everywhere), Kristine, Dan & Julia rocking out. Luau theme -- gotta love it.
Tiff found a nifty stick-on thermometer...too good of a Kodak moment to pass up! Tiffers tongue ring. Not very flattering, I know...she'd probaly kick my ASS if she knew I posted this pic. She is really quite beautiful normally. Less demon-like. =P Tiff on Holloween. We worked at a pet retail shop & she dressed up as a cat. This is Mike. Mike is very nifty! You can't tell in this pic, but Luna is hanging off of his shIrt. =D Some of the gang @ prom. I will NOT tell you which one I am, since I look incredibly bloated in this piccie. So THERE! Suck on that. 4th of July/Shawnee, Ava Lu, Janell R & Kristin. I have no idea who the blond in the front is. LOL =P One of my best buddies, Jonelle Keen.
My friend Dusty, whom I met waaaay back in highschol. She is holding my adorable friend Luna. Some of my highschool buddies. Sandra, Maggie, Kristine, Jonelle, Donielle & Deanna! If you are wondering why there is a HUGE BLACK HOLE in the picture, it is because I was there....and it was an awful picture, so THERE. Being a webmistress means that I CAN DO THAT! BoooAHAHAHAHAHA... My brother (the one wearing the gas mask) and our friend Mike, Samhain/Halloween 2001. Yet another picture of Mike, this time getting his head bashed into my then-car by Ken. Isn't that sweet? What a photogenic guy - see how well the PAIN goes through onto film. Now, again - with FEELING! =P Summer & her papa @ her wedding. We have been friends for...forever, it seems. I love her SO freaking much! Actually, I probably have this picture in the wrong place...Summer is more like family to me. =) One of my oldest friends...now a firefighter in the Marines. Go, Denise!

My Marine cousins Brian & Jason + their wives Lenore & Courteney. One of my favorite people - this is Chante, another cousin. She is single as well, guys! Please send me your credentials & I will throw in a good word for ya ^_^... A bunch of my cousins & aunts at a luau. Jessica, my godmother Dolores, Starlene, My Aunt Pat, Bonnie & Karen (another godmother of mine!). I have no idea who the person on the couch is... My Godmother Dolores Cardoso and one of my Uncles: Antonio Silva. Me 'n my papa! I look like a stubborn little brat...and I STILL am. No one better breathe a WORD of this pic to my dad! My 'n my some of my cousins at a Portuguese Festa. Jessica, Chante, Star, Me (3rd from the right w/ the crown), Kimberly & Christina. I was chosen as Queen and my sidemaids are the girls dressed in white. The other cousins in cream colored dressed marched with our party. I love my family! =D More family! This was a highschool graduation party thrown for my cousin Chante & I. Tom, Debbie, Kimberly, The Melo Sisters =D, & Chante.
My mother has 5 sisters and 3 brothers. This was a picture taken at my cousin Travis' wedding, with my mom's sisters & their daughters (my 1st cousins & I). Confused yet? Think MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING & you will understand! 1995. Gabriel, Me, Jessica & Starlene at a restaurant in the Azores Islands. We went to the Azores when I graduated from 8th grade in 1995. This was one of our picnics. My Uncle Tony Elias, my brother (REALLY YOUNG AT THE TIME & pretending to get drunk), my Aunt Patty, my mom & dad. A playground on my mother's island, Faial. Isn't that SWEET? Why don't they have those in the USA?! And another picture of the same playground. My cousin Star is the girl inside the wheel. She moonlights as a hamster. =) The bottom pic is a view of my father's island Pico, from my mother's island Faial. Gorgeous, no? A bunch of my cousins & I on different windows of a lighthouse in the Azores. I, of course, am the chicken shit on the BOTTOM window! In the 1970s, many storms buried structures beneath sand and earth. This is one of a handful of lighthouses left on Faial, my mother's island.
A bunch of gathered at one of my family's homes in the Azores. This house is on the island of Pico. I am to the left of the woman in pink (my mom) & behind us is the volcano that the island was created from. My super close buddy/cousin Christina. Isn't she gorgeous? I despise her. ^_~ Having a freaking HUGE family means a HUGE family reunion! These are some of my cousins: Kimberly, Jessica, Chante, Star & Anthony. They are all so darn pretty...*_~ My cousin Gabriel & I when we were *obviously* younger. I think we were camping at the time... This is my cousin Kimmy. She was caught taping bells to my cousin Liz's bedpost in a post-honeymoon prank...the newly wedded couple came home to find their house turned upside down. I, of course, was entirely innocent in the whole matter...(pay no attention to the girl behind the camera!) Picture taken of a bunch of my cousins on a girls' night out last year. My dad...cool, is he not?
Taken 2000. A bunch of my cousins...and me, obviously. I am second from the front, right side. SOOOO much fun! A pic I took of my brother Adam in Monterey (Lover's Point) DEC 04. What a ham...

My playhouse, recently torn down to make room for a swimming pool. It was so cute! We used to have a fake strawberry plant running around the frame...*sigh* My brother's fort, next to my playhouse. We had great times in both the buildings! The fort is 2 stories high & we used to spy on the neighbors and jump onto my playhouse roof to flee from bad guys. LOL Picture of my old bedroom, before the fire took it all away. I had the niftiest things..X_x My Bronco. Even though I now have my Mustang, we still have the Bronco in our little car collection. I am not sure if we will ever sell it, but we are running out of room quick! A few derelict classic mustangs (all in various stages of completion), my brother's classic mustang, my new mustang, a Tercel, an s-10, the Bronco, & my mom's Infinity. See?! Anyone have any extra space in their yards? @_o The top pic is me in 1995, looking down into the Caldeira...volcano crater. My new car, a Mustang. I couln't pass up the opportunity -- Mustangs are in my freaking BLOOD. My dad is a huge classic mustang buff. I had a bunch of *tasteful* decals placed over the tinting (Led Zepplin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Cure, NorCal, Type O Negative, a Phoenix, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, & Godsmack), but have since removed them. They faded...0_o A picture I took while relaxing by a pond on campus. Upon developing the film, I noticed a familiar image in the peeling skin of the trunk. Can you see the Green Man?
An incredibly crappy pic from a WWE show...the worst part of it is that this was the BEST pic taken!! LOL. It is just on the site as proof that I actually ATTENDED a WWE event. This was my first show. My bed. Isn't it awesome? My dad basically cut a hole in the wall...and we threw a mattress into it. I like the gypsy look - the bed is only a preview of my bohemian bedroom. LOL Pic that my cousin Jessica took in the Azores in Jan 05. Horta, the capital city of my mom's island Faial. Gorgeous, huh? My cousin Jessica took this pic.

I don't know how old I was in this pic, but I love how happy I look...one of my favorites. By popular demand, my flexed...err...tat. =p Me with my cabbage patch kids and care bears! June 2005 June 2005
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