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05.18.06 -- Ack! Sorry. I have just been informed that the "long haired men" link in the drop down box below has been wrong. Whoops >_< Also, just a quite note to let you all that I have a new tattoo site! I have combined it with the Long-Haired Men page to make a "Feed Your Fetish" site. Send me tattoo pics: submission guidelines listed on site - click on the banner below to visit. Enjoy... =)

WARNING: Unregulated or sudden exposure to pictures has been linked to serious side effects in otherwise healthy women, including but not limited to: slipping from suddenly slick seats, concussion from hitting the floor with no warning, loose teeth from dropping jaws, sudden hot flashes possibly leading to spontaneous combustion, uncontrollable drooling possibly leading to short circuits of keyboards, sudden religious fits including calling out to Deity, and sudden hormonal surges possibly leading to spontaneous conception. [Disclaimer taken from Arjun Rampal Reloaded. Go visit!]


These are the men that don't fit into any of my other galleries! (awww....)

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If ANY of you (and I mean ANY of you) ask me to post pics of Justin Timberlake or Fred Durst ... you will DIE horribly & quite tragically. Capece? =P

Vin Diesel Ryan Shuck (Orgy)

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