Salty Breadcrumbs

I miss the sea
I am floating, but not where 
	I want to be

It is the sea that calls me forth
from my drunken haze. 
I remember
	whispers of long ago
Images that the sea brings
Forth onto my reddened, hazy eyes.

I am lost and I donít even know
How I got here or 
	where I started from.

The waves of life toss me around
	like kelp on the sea
	my hair shines red-golden beneath the water
	in the sunshine
One huge cobweb of a salty jumble. 

Please, Lady-
Take me back to another time
One that welcomed me with outstretched arms
	and weaving branches,
	Olive tree branch in hand

My ancestors lived and died on islands.
Living their days and years by the tides
        and phases of the Moon,
        planting their gardens
        while listening to Her hymm.
They all tasted saltwater on the wind
        felt their noses get cold
        and their hair become damp with Merís kiss.

But me, I am HERE
	and alone 
amidst all my friends & family
	adrift in a place 
	that my soul does not want to tether.

To be back where I belong again!
        To not feel like a stranger
           to myself.
        To accept 
                          Am Ö
        And cherish my life.

Still the Sea calls me
Like an old regret
or ghost long-forgotten.

Funny how tears taste just like the ocean.

Embracing the tides seems as far away
        as the treasures that the 
        fire in my bedroom took awayÖ
             Along with a peace of myself, I think.

I seem to be lost in a place of shadow and smoke
	without hope to lead the way.
I think the fire ate all my breadcrumbs.

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