Smoochy Shippers number in the thousands!

The mission statement is simple: pairing Chris Jericho &
Stephanie McMahon Helmsley is an obvious move.
Why? because they were meant for each other
...since people always tease those they like.
Cute, huh?

That is the focus of the Smoochy Dreamers site- Steph/Y2J. :)
There are fanfics, DOCUMENTED "encounters"
between these 2, images, wallpapers, etc.
If you are NOT a Stephanie flamer and think that Jericho
is one of the sexiest (and funniest) men on this planet...
then you are welcome to join the fun! *_*

Enjoy! Click on the banner below to enter Smoochy Dreamers or
check out my Jericho page...both links can be found below.

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