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Incentive comic book pins have run out!

Sorry, guys. Had 290 surveys submitted ...just on wednesday, March 17th!!

Pins will be mailed to the first 50 applicants (that included their mailing address) who will be notified via email within the next week.

Feel free to fill out the form, anyway...even though you won't get any pins! Results will be collected until next friday (3/26) and posted on the site at the beginning of April.

Thanks for your interest! :)


Your name:

Email address:


Where do you want to go today? (check one)

The Azores
Never Never Land
Back to bed


Favorite Actor? (check one)

John Cusack
Steve Martin
Robin Williams
Vin Diesel
Mickey Mouse

Favorite WWF Superstar? (check one)

Jeff Hardy
Mighty Molly
The Hurricane
Stephanie McMahon Helmsley
Brock Lesnar (F5!!)
The Rock

Favorite WWF Couple? (select one)


Favorite comic book? (select one)


Any comments?



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