You were called out to go fight in the war
You didn't know what it was all about
Yet you still went out the door.
You took letters with you, 
Gifts that were handcrafted
You wonder now how the sky can still be blue--
Here's to YOU the unwilling drafted.
You were sent to kill an unseen foe
And you were told to bravely go & fight for your land
Yet you were still forced to go
By the government's unseen hand.
Your life has changed
And there's now a hopelessness to your once stubborn jaw
What you once thought has now been rearranged
Because of the things you saw.
The President lost
His mind..when he said you were winning
The country was war-tossed
Even the saints were sinning.
You came back with memories 
Of those living and those gone
Of American embassies--
Of the independance that was won.
You dreamed at night
Of a familiar land far away
You learned that being IN the fight
Was a lot more than Westmoreland used to say.
You missed the carefree days back home--
Mom's old-fashioned American dinner.
You missed being able to freely roam
And you still wonder: In War, who is the winner?

Written while in eighth grade. All writing (c) comicfairy. Please do NOT steal...Ask & ye shall receive. :)