Wrap your tongue around this one: I am eclectic, erratic and eccentric. Obviously.
What you are about to read is what I believe makes me unique and not a run-of-the-mill milksop.
Some would call me freakish and I...well, I would probably agree. +_+

I have a beauty mark above my right lip & my right ear is pointed (part Fae? I like to think so....). I have recently lost a bunch of weight and life is good, though I am still workin on the self-esteem bit. I suppose that's perfectly normal though, given the situation...anyway, more pics here. My eyes are blue-green & my left eye has a nifty thin brown stripe running from the pupil to the outer edge. My hair is dark and naturally curly & a mix of colors. I have an originally designed tattoo that I got when I was 17. It is of a fairy lying on a crescent moon. Sounds cliche, but it is really pretty cool and not your average "new age fairy", since it was done before the current fairy craze (Amy brown, etc) came about. =p

Let's see... since I am an Aries I drop and pick up hobbies faster than most people sneeze. Still, I love the things that bring out the best in me: wrestling, nature, anime, bollywood, comic books, buying/selling on Ebay, astronomy, artwork, friends, photography, my culture (Azorean Portuguese), family, & religion (Wicca). I also write (am currently working on a six book gothic-fantasy miniseries), make jewelry, and design clothes. I draw a lot of inspiration from music and I love every genre there is...everything from The Cure to Tiamat, Gypsy music to Celtic and Hindi...and on & on it goes. Want more info about my interests? Click on one of the links below.

Visit my Top 10 Lists & 50 things You Didn't Know About Me!

I obviously collect comic books. My end all faves are Witchblade, Sandman, Love & Rockets, Poison Elves, A Distant Soil, and Fables. Anything to do with Nightcrawler or Black Cat rocks. Or Ian Nottingham. I have been an obsessive fan of his since the beginning of Witchblade! And YES, I DO know that comic guys aren't real ok? They are the most perfect men who never lived and I will bear their children. *Somehow* (And enough with the papercut jokes!)

If there are any comics that you'd like to buy at a cheap price, send a wishlist to: comicfairy@hotmail.com! I do still have a bunch of comics, even AFTER the fire. I used to work in a comic/sports shop, so I can always ask the owner for titles & stuff if you have a wishlist.

My favorite foods are Azuki (red bean) ice cream, cherry slush puppies, clam chowder in toasted sourdough rolls, Spanish Paella, and Portuguese Sopas. I hate peas but love pea soup, hate cooked onions but love onion rings, hate tomato paste but LOVE ketchup ...yes, I am a bit brain-addled, but DEAR GOD do I ever love food. @_o

I love to read any books by Laurell K Hamilton, Charles De Lint, Neil Gaiman, Sharon Green, L.J. Smith, Storm Constantine, Sharon Shinn ... many more, but you do NOT have the time, TRUST me.

Here is Greenwood, Ranma 1/2, Fushigi Yugi, Inuyasha & Weib Kreuz. My favorite mangas are Model, Mars, and Paradise Kiss.

Betty Paige, Katherine Hepburn, Toni Morrison, She-Ra, and Wonder Woman have always been my idols. No ... seriously.

Video Games:
My favorite Playstation games are EvilZone, Time Crisis, Marvel VS Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Twisted Metal & DOA. I like old school Atari games like Pitfall & Galaxian. Hey - the 1980s was MY childhood era, man! None of this reproduced Hot Topic crappola. I mean, come ON, have you SEEN the new strawberry shortcake? I have ORIGINALS! Just TRY to compare Thundercats or He-Man with Doug or Rugrats. Pleeese. It's quite pitiful, really.

Visiting the ocean at night, flea markets and musty old bookshops. My favorite places are The Azores, Scotland & Venice. I am going to visit Europe in Feb 2005! England & France, baby. *_~

As far as guys go, I am equal opportunity. LOL. I adore guys with a sense of humor -that's KEY-, an open mind, geekiness, and/or tats and body piercings! I have a massive long-hair fetish. I also need to have common interests, or else I get bored FAST...I am figuring that one out pretty quickly. Read some of my rants here if you dare.
I also love Bollywood!

Ignorance ("Wiccans worship Satan; my mommy/bible/pastor/hamster told me so"), liver, Hemingway, Jackson Pollack, pop-up internet windows, slow drivers (GAH!), valley girls, George Bush (don't even get me STARTED), static, helplessness, Fred Durst, thin people that complain they are fat, pretty people that complain they are ugly, rich people that complain they are poor ... people that are constantly complaining in general! I don't watch the news or American Idol, and I don't like clubs. I am also reeeeeeeally hesitant about meeting you guys offline, so beware. ^_^

My dad is a painter & restores classic mustangs as a hobby & I drive a pony also. My mom is a crazy 49ers fan and a real estate agent who actually LIKES being a socialite (eep), and my bro is studying to be a video game programmer. I am majoring in European History: Ancient to Medieval Studies and live about 3 hours up the coast from them, in Cali's wine country.

Hopefully, once I've retired & accumulated a ton of comics, I will live out the rest of my days as a dealer. A comic dealer, that is (as opposed to the OTHER kind of dealer...^_~). I will own a musty shop with a ton of comics and vintage furniture and clothes, spending all day debating (Golden Age or Silver Age?) with my customers. *sigh* That'll be the life.

...OR maybe I'll just shuck all that & marry a pro-wrestler or a comic pro. *_*